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What are you doing? Come on. Now, pay attention. The secret of all martial arts is the circle. When you moved, the circle moves with you. Here, let me show you. Hit me. Hit me again. Again. To understand the circle, you must make the circle Games live the circle, now, the circle is you.. and you are the circle. Understand? We move the moment she says “I do”. First on me. Directly for the capital. Second army. To the ocean. And the third army? We have a third army? Yes. Just let them robbing village. Excuse me, sir. For the wedding canopy. Red or blue? Red or blue, my love? Oops. And this is called not good. Why, it’s beautiful? Yes, it is. But the fortress is over there. And it could take days to walk all the way around the lake. Orwe could just swim across in no time. No, Jack. It’s not possible. Why, are there man-eating fish in there? No. Poisonous snakes? Nope. Dragons? Not this time of year. So, what’s in it that’s a problem? I cannot swim. You kidding me? You Games you who can kick the butts of the entire NFL at the same time Games.