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They do their best to make one comfortable. And as for the work, uh, people Games People seem to be responding rather well to Uncle Frank. I look– I look forward to your opinion. Thank you. Sometimes one simply has to be firm. Did you miss me? You left your jacket in the cabin. It smelt of you for the longest time. And then one day, I went in there and all I could smell was Uncle Frank’s pipe. Only I’d understand, you know, if things have changed. And that bullet might have had my name on it. Oh, Johnnie. I wouldn’t blame you. Brannigan is one in a million. And I’m not much to write home about, am I? I’m just an everyday sort of bloke. “Everyday.” Every day for the rest of my life. Good work. Bloody good show, what you’ve shot so far. When the film’s been treated for color, it’s going to look marvelous. God, the American’s teeth! Can they be real? If the studio shoot goes half as well, this picture’s going to be a triumph. There is, however, one area of concern Games Memo, please. Games from our American distributors. I’d ask you to absorb what’s said without derision, Buckley. “American picture-goers like to be knocked off their feet. Bangs, crashes, ambulances careening around corners. The same goes for romance. What you call understatement translates as a lack of oomph.” The Americans feel that the ending as presently written is too subtly nuanced, too Games restrained. Restrained? I mean, it’s practically a call to arms. Their concern is more what one might crudely call the love triangle. I have to say, as far as the home front goes, we can’t let it look as if she’d rather have had the American. Well, that’ll be the teeth. Teeth or no teeth, what all parties need is a morally clean, romantically satisfying resolution. Well, perhaps if Mrs. Cole could carry on her good work with Hilliard on set, Buckley and I could tackle the new ending in the office. You’ll enjoy the studio. Change of scene. Excellent. Excellent. Slowly forward. Two steps. Look to the side. Like this? No, left side to the camera, your good side, and now raising your eyes and turning as the Stuka Games Please, if you don’t mind Games Stuka. Johnnie is hit! Can you bring the light over here? Thank you. Could you move, please? We’re trying to get big boy up there. Sorry. Tea. Excuse me. Coming through. Anyone for a cup of tea? I thought that was really rather convincing, don’t you think? Very real. Oh, I say, are those rock cakes? Ooh! They want to know when it’ll be ready. It’s very much on its way. Only you keep saying that you’ll be sending over the new ending, but Games It’s almost ready. Oh. Let me know when it is. Bye, Parfitt. Mrs. Cole. Shall we find the lady who’ll do our makeup? I suppose so. It’s coming over. Mind your heads. Cigarette? That’s it. Okay, line it up, please. Line it up and keep it straight. That’s it. I’ve never much seen the point in men. Still, I do hate to see you pining. Oh, I’m not pining. Ellis moved out weeks ago. I’m already used to it. It wasn’t Ellis I was thinking of. Forgive me. It’s just that Games When we were shooting in Devon, you always seemed so Games vivid. Perhaps I’m just in a sentimental mood. My landlady was killed yesterday. I could hear her husband crying through the wall all night long. It seems to me when life is so very precarious, it’s an awful shame to waste it. I was wondering. On page , I say Games They’re getting worried. About the ending. Turned Ministry spy now? Is that it? Could I Games Sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean– Don’t bother. It’s not worth it. What do you think? It’s not very good. It’s not very Games Buckley. It’s not your fault, you know. It really isn’t. You’d better go home, Mrs. Cole. Exterior train. Station. A full moon, a clear sky. A man sits by the shore. There has been a quarrel. A woman is walking away from him. Now she turns back. “I didn’t mean what I just said. And, anyway, you said worse.” It was a declaration. “Stupid bloody fool” was good. Did you think of that beforehand? Are you trying to pick a fight with me, Mrs. Cole? No. What I’m trying to say is that Games if all of this stopped Games the sparring and the jibing and the insults and the arguments Games I’d miss it. Even if I were dead, I’d still miss it. The Catrin Cole School of Dialogue. On and on and on and on and on. Lose half. Which half? The half you don’t need. All right. All right. I’d miss you. I’d miss you more than I can say. Help me take this. None on that side. Keep going. Let’s go around this way. Mrs. Cole? Watch yourself, girl. Mrs. Cole? Hmm? I thought you was under it. I was in the office. Hmm. Okay, coming in from the left. I might have to borrow clothes. Talk to the costumes mistress, but don’t be surprised if she’s tetchy. A parachute mine took the roof off Studio Four last night and her Panzer division uniforms are ruined. They’re saying it was the worst night of bombing yet. Nothing left of Wimbledon, apparently. The props master hasn’t turned up, the best boy’s in hospital, and no one knows where the grip is, so we’re having to make do with whatever we can get. It’s got a bit of a wobble. Might have to lash it to the gantry. There’ll be tears before bedtime, mark my words. No, you’ve got a bit of a wobble. Chick. Could we save that lamp till we roll, please? Sorry, Mr. Hilliard. It’s heavy. More? Much more. This man hasn’t had a bath since the last time he fell off the boat. Change of plans. Going straight from Uncle Frank’s Mayday to wounded Johnnie fixing the propeller. Hurry up, Rex. We need you over here. Yes, sir. Corning. Quick as I can. Right, what can I do for you, sir? Right, be careful. Careful. And watch out for that– Watch the wires, please. I thought you’d be at the office. Don’t lean against it. I was. I read your ending. You bagged it. You were almost there. Nowhere near. I’ve been useless for weeks. I read your other stuff, too. Oh? What did you think? Hmm. Bit inconclusive. I wasn’t really sure where it was going next. No. I wasn’t too sure of that, either. Crumbs. Find Mrs. Cole! I need to talk to Mrs. Cole. Mrs. Cole! Has anyone seen Mrs. Cole? Come on before they find us. Where?