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She is his world. But now you are a part of his world too. l know. Now do as l say. Call for Krishna! Phone. Phone. Krishna, phone He’s coming! Who’s coming? A boy? ls he an lndian? Does he live here in Singapore? Have you finally chosen someone, Priya? There you go again, Mom! l haven’t chosen anyone So choose one! l will. .please leave now, we got to save our jobs. And when will you settle down? Tomorrow Call from Priya! Priya? Hello, Krishna. Priya. How are you? l’m fine, but l don’t like anything Me too l can’t sleep Me too l want to meet you Me too He’s not saying anything more than ” Me too ”, so what do l do? You continue reading, read from here! Priya, why are you quiet? Krishna, can’t you come here and meet my mother? Your mother? Yes, if you don’t meet my mother. .she’ll get me married to someone else. Someone else? No, l won’t let that happen! l’m coming there, Priya! But.how will l get there? Yes. how will you get here? Hello, Krishna! Don’t worry. Just give the phone to Bahadur? Krishna! Aircraft! Singapore!