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I have always been fascinated with Egyptian history. Yes. It has always been one of my favorites too. Would you like a closer look? It’s all rather morbid though, isn’t it? Well, it does seem to be what the people want. Yes. I guess you’re right. Sure you wouldn’t like a personal look? Really. I must be going. You’re gonna fall for that? What else do you want me to do? This isn’t Russia, you know. Whar are ya going to do? Wait for the next person to disappear, and then the next? Why don’t you do something? Listen kid. I know you are worried. Why don’t you just go home your friends probably left a message for you there. Now relax. That’s it. Never. Never underestimate the political significance of mein kampf as literature Games I’m sorry I am late sir. I’m so sick I Games I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I feel nauseous. Uh, Sarah’s gonna tell it’s an incredibly contagious disease. Excuse me, I gotta get through here. Sarah’s got to Games You got to come with me to the hospital. to get x-rayed. Come here. I got swollen glands and my tongue is coated. Pustules. It’s terrible sir. I think I’m going to puke. Things are going to come as big as possible. I’m sorry sir. I’ll bring her back as soon as possible. Come on. You aren’t sick! We could get expelled for this! What the fug you doing? Listen. I think I know what is going on. Okay? I went to the waxkork today and met this man. Oh that explains everything. You don’t understand. I recognized his face. Big deal. Are you sure you don’t want me for call for backup? First I want to see if I am imagining things. ‘you alright? I’ll let you know. . If my mother caught me up here, she’d kill me. Whose is all this? My grandfather’s. Well, most of it anyway. He was a very strange man. He was fascinated by death and horror. My afamily never really aknowledges him, apart from that portrait in the dining room. Sarah. Come over here. Listen to this. Last night, Millionaire Michael Loftmore was found murdered in his drawing room. His body was badly burnt, and he seemd to have died in great pain.