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A really good woman. This is Hamid, Louis’s brother. Hello. I gotta go. Don’t you wanna hear the rest? She was a good person. That’s all I need to know. Bye! What are you doing? Why do you own a weapon? You’re a cop? You looked through my stuff? You’re a cop! Stop it! Come back, Hamid! Hamid! What’s going on? We had a fight. We’ll leave you, then. Bye. Wait! I wanted to hear more about my parents. How was my dad? Your mother was very strong, very brave. We were happy to see him leave. Why? Did he drink? Was he violent? What happened with Hamid? I’m tired of being kept in the dark. Isa… I don’t need to know, right? How did you find the money for the bail? It’s a scheme of mine. I didn’t come all the way here to hear this. I wanted us to get closer, to talk. You must think I’m a fool. Isa, wait! I’ll explain. I sold an icon that was stolen. I have to give back that money. The cops are watching me. You can’t leave me now. You did this for your brother? Yes… No, but I’m gonna put an end to this. You lied to me. That’s all you do. Constantly. Isa, wait. I’m heading back to Geneva. Sorry, it’s a little messy. I rushed to meet Louis as soon as I found out about his mom. I was gone days, but it seems so far away. Three days? When did she pass away? Three days ago. That’s not what Louis told you? No. He’s a little twisted. I don’t get it. What would you like to drink? Some wine. What kind of work do you do? I work with children who have pronunciation and comprehension problems. What do you do with them? Exercises. I tell a child, “go in the room and take the scissors,” but he doesn’t understand the word “scissors.” So? I go in the room with the child and I tell him, “This is the room. These are the scissors.” Did you take anything else? No. Anyway, nobody wanted it. Why don’t you like this music? My dad listened to it all the time. How old were you when he died? Seven. I don’t know if our parents even wanted us. Why not? Your parents loved each other. They were brave. An Algerian man, a Swiss woman… How old are your