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Tank. The groups decided to go in. Little bit of heavy fighting. Heavy casualties, about wounded, two dead out of the . There’s one video that always stands out to me. It’s like when he’s standing in the square. There does seem to be a strong sense that they won’t give up the fight and that there are a force of young fighting men, although unorganized, there’s plenty of will to hold out here. How does my guy know this stuff? Like, how does Jim Foley, like… He’s just my meathead friend, you know? And it was so foreign to me in terms of an experience. I’m like, well, how do you get into Libya? Oh, you’re a freelancer, like who wants this? Are you getting paid? This is Jim Foley reporting from downtown Benghazi, Revolutionary Square, Global Post. Jim was there at the early stage of this movement of there being more freelancers in conflict areas. The world has changed so much in terms of digital publishing and newspapers started to eliminate things that they didn’t see as essential. International coverage dwindled down to very little. So we saw an opportunity to fill that void and we needed to work with freelancers. Freelancers decide to work together just on the basis of this… initial quick read chemistry. I saw this new guy who I hadn’t met before. He looked friendly enough, so I said, “Hey, what’s up?” He said, “Oh, not much, going to the front line.” And he’d heard a lot about Libya and the fact that it was very cheap to work. Rebels and protesters were eager to show us their side of the story. You know, they were driving us all over for free. They were translating for us for free. Many of us never really experienced the luxury of journalism in its heyday. What we do is journalism on a shoestring budget. So we’ve had to be a lot more resourceful in a way and just more street savvy. I think in a sense, the way we all got to know each other was the Africa hotel in Benghazi. It was the cheapest hotel and the crappiest and we were all staying there. I’d seen Jim talking to, you know, a few other journalists and he was just really friendly with everybody. It was unusual in a place like that. You know, there’s still an edge of competitiveness in that environment, whereas Jim was just like, “Yeah, whatever.” He gave off a really good first impression and, you know, it helps that he’s like a super good-looking guy, and I was just like, “Who is this guy? Who are you?” Just that jaw man, like, just cut cheese with that thing. There wasn’t anything mundane about the man whatsoever. He never really like, projected himself onto a situation and he dealt well with people. Who are the Libyan rebels determined to overthrow years of dictatorship? Welder? Off-shore welding? Platform, yeah. Okay, dangerous job. They’re brave as individuals, but many show a dangerous lack of weapons training. There were so many freelancers who came in at that point in time who were so new, Jim and I among them, and I found out only later that there were a number of much more experienced photo-journalists who’d made one or two trips to the front line and said