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Yeah, I’ll take some ice, thank you. But I games she’s games That’s not what happened. Thanks. Cheers. Cheers. Within hours of games the ink drying on the divorce, I find out my mother’s dead. I’m sorry. That’s all right. You didn’t kill her. Hadn’t talked to her for , years. You know, we didn’t leave off on a good place, and I knew she lived in Texas. I knew she married a rich guy. I didn’t realize how rich. I didn’t realize he’d already died. I never thought she’d put me in her will. The thing is, if she had died one week earlier, my ex-wife would be rich now, and I feel bad about that, because I think she really would’ve enjoyed being rich. Yeah, I mean, some girls are into that games thing. Do you want to watch TV? People ask me all the time about the progress we’ve made treating mental illness in this country games Are you married? Me? No way. You see a ring on this finger? games and when I talk to the medical professionals in the field. They’ll tell you we’ve made phenomenal progress. A boyfriend? I’ve been sleeping with someone, or I was sleeping with someone. I don’t know if that’s happening anymore. And, in fact, it may be worse. Yeah, we sought treatment, and it’s games He was in and out of institutions for years, and games I’ve lost count of how many places we went games we went to, and games we all knew he was in danger. We knew it was a danger. On the morning of November rd, Billy boarded a bus headed to Madison, carrying three handguns all legally purchased. The last time he had spoken to Susan had been four days earlier. He told her he was going back. Slow down. No disrobing, okay? Okay. I know it’s on the high end of your scale, you know, size-wise and price-wise, but I just thought you’d want to see it. I mean, it could be amazing, right? You could get so much equipment in here. Not that it’s about competing with the franchise gyms. Imagine having a juice bar there, right, with a nutritionist on staff. You know, in a place like this, I could take the whole Power Life philosophy and actualize it.