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You know what I mean? Here’s why it sucked. If you got turned down, like I said, my guy friends had no sympathy, but you girls would go and tell everybody right away. ‘Cause you had to, it’s not your fault. You had to do it. You had empathy for the situation, where you had to tell everybody. And you’d find anybody. Didn’t even have to be a good friend, it’d be the first person. Like, “Oh, my God, get over here. Ugh! Why is it you? Sherry, come on. Ugh! You suck. Listen. You are so gross. Listen. You’re the worst. Look at you. Focus. Focus. Bitch. Bitch. Okay, are you looking? Are you there? Thank you. Okay. You won’t believe who just asked me out. You know Brent Morin, the kid with the big head and the whatever body? Anyway. So, he walks up to me, sweating so much and he was covered in sweat, and he was holding his books tight like this. I’m like, ‘Did you just see a monster, what the happened?’ laughing Anyway, focus. So, he starts trying to make jokes and talking about a clown day, then he tried to do a cartwheel, fell on his back and knocked the wind out of himself. Fifteen minutes I was late for class. Then, out of nowhere he gets up and turns bright red, can’t even make eye contact and he goes, ‘Um, I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with me on Saturday?’ I was like, ‘No, I have a boyfriend.’ And he goes like, ‘Me too.’ And he just walked away. Did you know he was ? And I heard he can’t read.” You know, I talk about high school, but I loved high school. Like I said, the greatest luxury of my life was being an average student, loved it. I was a popular kid, I had a lot of friends, life was great. What I would do is I would luck into situations. Like, when I was years old, I was dating this year-old dancer. Not stripper, but probably. laughing You don’t ask a lot of questions at . But I’ll never forget this, okay? Because what would happen is I’d luck into something, but then I could ruin something. It was weird. Like, she said to me this, she goes, “Um, listen, I want you to come over.