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Best League 2014 It’s not what you think it is. I’m not easily surprised. Come, Fyra. Tell your girlfriend I said hi. Where’s the fire? You need to see Sofie? No, I’m here to see you. I want you to know that I have no feelings for Sofie. If I ever had any I’m cured. Cured? Yes, cured. Her dad saw me in the park with another girl. I’m fed up with her charade. Enjoy your evening. Chef? Can I have an advance on my pay? No such thing as a free lunch. What’s in it for me? I can work more often and pay you back quicker. Won’t it get you in trouble? Everything is under control. When a body experiences stress game cells close up and medicines can’t reach them. I believe I can help your mother game if she’s prepared to work on her stress and change her diet. Not everybody is willing to do that. My mom is willing to do anything. How can you be so sure? She doesn’t want to die. Nobody does. That gets you a few consultations but I’m not sure if it’s enough. I can get more. I won’t accept cash, you need to transfer it. I can make a deposit. You’re here because Anouk sent you. Her dad is a dear patient of mine. A few years ago he was given up, now he’s making music again. So he’s also a musician? Anouk said you knew him. Felix, the orchestra conductor. Felix is Anouk’s dad. Who cares about Anouk, you got bigger problems. Here. What I’m I supposed to do with these? Smoke them. My mother is quitting. Very wise. Ah, now I get it. Anouk is the new Sofie? Hallelujah, here we go again. Have you seen my cigarettes? I could swear I had some. Let’s go, I got a table at seven. Yes, I’m coming. How elegant. Gorgeous. I’ll have number . And I’ll have number , but less spicy. Nice and destressing, isn’t it? As if we’re really in India. I doubted between this and a Czech restaurant. We’ll make it to Prague. You’ve already been to India. Did Bob tell you that? I saw the film on your computer. You didn’t tell me. No. And neither did you. I saw a photo at the exhibition. Of you in India, six months before I was born. Do you want to tell me about it? What do you want to know?