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See for yourselves. My name is Mikołaj. Edyta. I came here with the real Hania once. On an Internet date. The date was just awful. We didn’t click. She was too out of style. But she was right. I went home and told my family I’m . But a moment later I met my treasure. She was afraid to commit, at first, but eventually Leave it. Karolina enchanted me with her vitality, beauty, and personality What are you staring at?! He’s my man! He says I relax him. He likes visiting me at work. Because she makes great coffee. Later, I met Gertruda. When she stepped through the door, her hair blowing in the breeze. So modern and stylish Ania! I cut that woman’s hair! I yelled at that hairdresser, but because of her I met the love of my life. I ‘d like to thank her. Look, it’s mom’s client. Ola, you’re a true artist. Thank you. I was looking for you, but I guess you only work with stars now. Hugs and kisses. You just called her “mom”. No I didn’t. It’s cool. We care for each other, trust each other Stop it. Mother! And you?