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Just the -week one. The -week one’s not till next week. Mmm, yeah. Do you know the gender? No. We do. Yes, but we’re not telling. Just, would you make some coffee? Sure. Maybe you should go to bed. You looktired. It is tiring, isn’t it? It’s OK. Darling, lthink Theresa’s tired. I don’t think she’ll want coffee. Well, ifyou’re tired, we should go. But it’s been such fun! Yes, it has. But we’re leaving, I’ll get your cardigan. Er, I’ll get a new bulb. No, really, that’s fine. I need to change it anyways. Let me help you. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Kate, where did you put the bulbs? Are you sure you’re OK? l’m fine! Really! Really? Oh, Jesus! Baby! Baby, stay with me! Oh, God. l’ll call an ambulance! You’re going to be fine. Don’t move! Don’t tell me what to do! Come on, baby! We’ll get you downstairs! Jon, Jon, please, let me at least call a doctor. Just to checkthe baby. Check he’s OK. Come on. Let’s go. Let me get you downstairs. You shouldn’t move her! And you shouldn’t invite people to your house when it’s in no fit state! Come on, let’s get you downstairs. Can you get the key out of my pocket? I’m bleeding. You’re going to be OK. Just get the key. I’m bleeding, I’m bleeding. No, you’re going to be fine. lfl get the key out of my pocket Games Let me Games Stay the away from my wife! Come on, baby, you’re going to be fine. All right. OK. It’s fine. Stay Games Stay here. It’s OK. It’s OK. She’ll be OK. She was drinking all night. When he wasn’t looking. Call me ifyou hear anything. There’s no abnormalities that I can see. I think you have a very healthy baby. Hi, Mum. Hello, darling. So how’s work? Hmm, pretty good. We published the campaign brochure. Got some web presence, so I’m happy. And the, er, scan being fine is wonderful news. You looktired, dear. Why do you have to be so polite to her? What do you want me to do, shout at her? I’m not doing it again. If she doesn’t care, that’s her problem. Of course she cares. She’sjust finding it hard to express, that’s all. Hello? Please take your shoes off.