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Oh! Oh. Sydney! You’re just going to leave me? Flora will take care of you, ma. She’s at least good at that. Hey, hey. I’m here. You’re in’ kid games What year is this? What? What? What the just games Oh, my God! Oh, ! Okay, the phone’s not gonna work. Oh, that’s great. That’s in’ games Whoop-dee-doo! Help me! Paul! How do I open the in’ window? Need to open the door. How games how do we know that he hasn’t been games He’s fine. He’s right here. He’s fine! We have to let him in! Have you been stung? No. No. I tried to help them. This is not my blood. Prove it! Prove it? He’s ing games Listen, go around back and I’ll let you in. Save me. ! Oh, . Oh my. ! Look out behind you. Oh, my God! What are we gonna ing do? Get away games in’! Well games That’s that. That’s that? We could have saved him. Want to let them suckers in here too? No thank you. Uh-uh. Can’t we just go around back and go through the field and then just keep going? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day. Didn’t you games Didn’t you just see what happened to that guy? Oh! Do you have any better ideas? Both of you guys, shut the up! Okay little wasps follow us for ing miles if they’re pissed off. Sydney, we need games We need a small area that we can barricade. Is there a cellar? A basement. What about the basement Basement? It’s like a fortress, right? You guys wanna hide? Yes! Let’s hide. Yes. Wait, wait, wait! Sydney, wait! We need to get everybody from the kitchen, together we need to travel games Stop! Get away from her! We gotta get her out of here! Help me grab her arm. Mom! What? You wanna kill me too now? Holy games Mother! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on. Let’s go. Please. Help me. Oh, great! What we gotta drag the Mexican around? I’m from ing Argentina, hijo de pu games ! Flora. Flora. Flora Come on, let’s go. Come on. Sydney, wait! Wait for us! Ah, Come on. They’re inside. They’re inside. Open the door. Open the door. Sydney, you gotta open the door! Right now! You must open the door! Go! Go! Go! You have to