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well, i didn’t tell him. you didn’t? No. i told him about the you-working-for-eric deal, but not about your dad getting fired. i figured he’d rub it in, and that’s the last thing you need. hey, girls. hi, craig. craig, how did you know my dad got fired? anna told me. no, i didn’t. oh. i must have heard it somewhere. craig. really. did you call my dad’s work? no. Why would i do that? craig? i’m such an idiot. I can’t believe this. how could you do something like that? the guy’s awful. unbelievable! Belle! what? You’re such a loser. eric? belle? where’s eric? i haven’t seen him yet this morning. he didn’t. i’ll call his cellphone. [ cellphone rings ] where would he go? i’ll check the grounds. eric? belle. what are you doing here? thinking. just thinking? yeah. what happened to the reminder? i got tired of it hanging over my head. plus, it was way overdue. belle, i’m sorry about your dad. i should never have threatened him or put you through any of this. you’re right. but it wasn’t all bad. really? yeah. i got to know you Games instead of all the rumors. i should have known you’d never go back on your deal. it’s not you. it sounds like me. but i don’t want to be like that anymore. i’ve seen how you treat others and how you’ve treated me, even after all the terrible things i did to you. you make me want to be a better person. you sure it’s me? you played a big part. you helped me see what i’ve tried to ignore. i realize now, i was never alone. i just wasn’t listening. and you were right. god wants me to be happy. so, are you? i’m getting there. it’s not perfect yet. for example, i don’t have an assistant anymore. i was going to ask you to stay on. uh Games yeah, i’d have to check. i still have school and my other job, but Games oh. well, it was just an excuse anyway. an excuse? belle, i’ve only cared about myself for a very long time. and it’s awkward Games now that i care about you. what are you saying? i’m saying that i want to be with you. i know i probably don’t deserve it, but i’ll do whatever i can to try. well Games you don’t have to try too hard. you make me happy. narrator: with eric’s transformation and his renewed faith, the people in the land discovered that the beast was gone. in his stead was a kind, gentle man, whose heart had been changed by the power of god and the love of a woman named belle. and while their world wasn’t perfect, they still lived happily ever after. i see the way you look at me it’s no mistake how you feel, baby i’m so much more than your eyes can see why can’t i show you what’s real? i want to just love you i need to be with you i know i could give you more but i’m still holding back i condemn where i’m at i’m not over you i’m just unsure i might be timid i might be shy i may be nervous but i don’t know why if i seem distant don’t run away i’m not afraid of you just tell me how to show you to stay oh, baby please begin, now take it slow you’re everything that i need oh now it’s time for me to let it go and make some room for you and me i want to just love you i need to be with you i know i could give you more but i’m still holding back