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Best monkey No. That’s okay. I can get it from here. I’m supposed to check the room. Okay. Welcome, Mr. Ryan. Hi. Just your signature, please. All right. VACUUM WHIRRING DOOR OPENS Mr. Cherevin hopes the room will be to your satisfaction. CHUCKLES Ah, yes. And the view is second to none. Wow. GUN UNHOLSTERING It’s magnificent! GUNSHOTS GRUNTS GUNSHOTS CONTINUE PANTING GUN CLICKING PANTING GUNSHOTS WHIRRING STOPS WHIRRING STARTS YELLS GRUNTING GROANS WHIRRING CONTINUES STRAINING SOUNDS MUFFLED HIGHPITCHED WHINING CLICKS GRUNTING GROANS SPUTTERING GASPING BREATHING HEAVILY PANTING SHOWER ACTIVATES BEEPS PANTING This is Cornerback. I have a situation. WOMAN: You have seconds. I need help. Category? Somebody tried to kill me. There’s a body. Are you intact? Close enough. Location? Cornerback? Uh, the Grushnitsky Hotel, Moscow. PHONE RINGS QUIETLY Oh, no. WOMAN: to minutes. Maintain the room. Wait for two rings, then exit. Go quiet until : local and surface at location Gamma. I, uh Game Contact bench at the base of the stairs. STAMMERING I don’t remember where that is. Confirm. I heard you, I just don’t remember the address, okay? I’m just an analyst. I only did three weeks at the Farm. You are breaking protocol, Cornerback. I’m out of my goddamn element is what I am. I just need the address. Go back to your room and stay there until the phone rings twice. Then leave quickly and quietly. Keep out of sight until : local time. Then, go to Staraya Square, the steps. Okay. Your contact will be on the bench. Cornerback? Yeah. You’re a Marine. It’s the reason you’re still alive right now. Remember your tradecraft and you’ll be fine. Thank you. Time’s up. LINE DISCONNECTS BIRDS FLUTTERING PHONE RINGS PHONE RINGS AGAIN SILENCE CELL PHONE RINGS JACK: Hey, I was just about to call you. CATHY: Hey. Yeah, I only landed a couple hours ago, so, uh Game Oh, good. I’m not trying to hassle you, I just Game I just wanted to make sure the trip was okay. Yeah. Yeah, it was, you know, uneventful. CHUCKLES Well, that’s the best kind. So, what are you doing now?