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because everybody knows he’s a difficult guy. that’s why they call him the beast. thanks for lunch. I got to go. look, if i seem out of line, it’s just because i know how great you are. craig i just want you to get everything you deserve and more. you’re special like that. [ chuckles ] okay. Great. Thanks. Bye. craig! How was your date? it was all right. just all right? i thought you would have so much fun. I did. i know she’s amazing, and i know she’s the one, you know, who can stand by me in everything i’m supposed to do in life. what? why’s she working for this landry guy? i can never spend any time with her because she’s always at his beck and call. she kind of has to be. what do you mean? belle’s dad was working at landry’s mansion, and he broke something. he said he would have him fired if he didn’t pay for it. so now belle’s working for landry until it’s all good. sounds like extortion. it’s messed up, but belle’s dad has his job. that’s all that matters, right? hello, eric. hello, mrs. Haygood. how was your trip? good. I’m glad to be back, though. i’ll be right in to unpack those. thank you. have you seen belle lately? yes. She’s checked in every day. really? mm-hmm. she’s a good one. yes, she is. when are you going to let her off the hook? i’d say she’s done more than enough time. i know. you could give her the choice to stay, if you want her to. yeah, but i’m not sure she’d take it. you might be surprised, eric. craig. i know you might be busy, but i was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight. or tomorrow or whenever. i, um Games craig, i’d rather not. i’m just not interested in you like that. i’d like to keep our friendship, but that’s it. belle, come on. i know you’ve got a lot going on, but i’m willing to wait. i know this is right. it’s not about my schedule. well, i’ll Games when you change your mind, i’ll be here. no, craig, i’m not going woman: peterson repair. hi, this is eric landry. [ telephone rings ] hello? belle? hey, how was your trip? good. listen, i’ll tell you all about it.