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just ask me directly Resign? Why would I want you to resign? You want me out of your church Radio No. You “advised” me not to attend your church Listen I have no right to bar you from any church I just want to separate my work and personal life Previous staffers attended my church but accepted the company policy and stopped I don’t accept Paul the Apostle once said: When I was a child, I spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child but when I became a man, I put away childish things Are you saying..- Radio I’m immature? I’m saying you’re direct I’m direct, and silly You’re direct and silly and stubborn This car really doesn’t sound right Here! Sorry Bye, Pastor Tol Thank you Bye Bye Bye What? We only discussed work Discuss work Radio I’d love to discuss work with her too! $? Why bother? Just buy a new one Fix it Just two more weeks before I leave Where to? Get your things first To the UK I might move there So the chick last night is dumped! Brother set me up with her Keep the wine Don’t call her “chick” She’s a decent girl Decent? Decent chicks Radio dig roughnecks like me! Let me share a truth Men Radio need women And women Radio also need men It’s that simple Hmm, that’s deep You’re a father of two You’re past such things You know St. Joseph, St. John or any Radio prestigious school with a “Saint”? Help my kids get in Education makes a difference Look at us Today“. You’re moving to the UK I’m moving to North Point I’ll do it Which grade is your girl in? Grade ? Fishing will do! Fix your car then ask her to go fishing at night Fishing is good It’s quiet and you can talk Fishing, for sure What? You think I want to date her? It’s just a suggestion! When was the last time you got laid? You’re about to burst! Call me when the car is fixed Friday night Radio I won’t call! When I saw you again I sensed you were avoiding me But a little voice told me to talk to you Must be your husband No It’s God He gave me the confidence to talk it out with you Let it go, Michelle I’m done with your God It happened