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He knows what they want. He knows what they’d be willing to buy. He reads people very well. That’s why he’s head of accounts. He’s the one who takes the clients sailing, golfing. He invites them to Michelin-starred restaurants. He makes sure they’re happy. Is that so? Basically, yes. Veronica, what about the white rook? The white rook is the CEO. Excuse me? The managing director. He’s in charge of everyone, right? No, not exactly. The important decisions are taken by all of us. But he sets out the path. His area is strategic thinking, the long term. He has the vision. He knows where we have to go in the future. He’s always two steps ahead. And in the new technologies, that’s everything. It’s like he had a crystal ball. But he can’t make a mistake. He shouldn’t. It’s a difficult position. It is. Well, he’s also the one that the clients know. As a kid, he went to school with them, went on vacation. If you have to know everything, I think it’s an important detail. You invite the clients to dinner, and they invite him. It’s a bit Games And the knight? The knight Games She’s an essential piece, because she’s different. She moves with a different logic on the board, and she runs rings around us. She’s our CFO. She controls the numbers. Well, she controlled them. Excuse me, Carlos. What do you mean? A year ago, Vero set up a little hotel with a friend. And, logically, that requires dedication, and we’ve had to get used to operating without her. You’re not serious. That’s how it is. I said that you were free to look for a replacement. Did you do it? No. So I wasn’t doing it so badly. I’m at all the meetings, in all the e-mails. I’m here every week. I wouldn’t say “all.” He isn’t always here either. Hey, stop. It’s no big deal. You’re not that necessary. What do you know? Come on, anyone can do accounting. That isn’t so. And eating and going whoring with clients is expert work. Without me, we’d lose clients. Without you, no. I could do your job. And I, yours. Carlos, you have no idea about accounting. And Vero knows about whores?