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And destiny calls for a drink, right? SignorAlfredo, you know how many of us Dalcos there are now? l’ve lost count. Well, l know that when we sit down to eat, there are of us at the table. You’re a lucky man, Leo. Admit it. He may be a bastard, but at least he’s a boy. Don’t boys eat like everybody else? What the hell is bothering you? Mine was born first. lt’s only natural. First came the peasants ofthis world, and then came the padrone. Masters, peasants. Balls! When you’re born, you’re all born equal. All equal, huh? You! What are you standing there for? Drink up. Drink up, you bastards! Drink with me. Are we drinking or not? Born together. Must mean something. Uh-huh. Probably means we die together. You -pile philosopher. l want mine to study law. Mine thieving. You might as well make him a priest. Oh, this wine’s not ours. Too dry. l didn’t like it, either. Rigoletto, run down to the town hall. Tell them the boy’s name is Alfredo. Berlinghieri, Alfredo, born of Giovanni and Eleonora nee Rosetti. Leo, what will you call yours? Huh? What are you going to call yours? Olmo. Like an elm tree. Born of the late Oscar and Rosina Campo. Oscar? Oscar’s been dead for four years. That’s the point. Have some respect for the dead. Oh, you bastards. ln the deep ofthe summer ln a heat that was stifling There were born two male children The distance was trifling Rigoletto, here, have a drink. Jackasses! With the Pope as a peasant Linked by fate in that hour To the padrone’s grandson Heir to riches and power What do you think, huh? Leo. Leo, come on. You must try it, too. l’m not climbing on that red devil. l can’t tell who rakes faster, a man with a horse and a machine or a man with heart and muscle. Orso! Orso, come and see it! Go a little faster! We’ll soon be able to tell. There. What? What is it? There. What’s written there? What do you think ofthat? Halfan acre in, uh, minutes, all alone. lt would have taken six men at least halfa day. What about this? Surely you can’t call this a good job, eh, Signor Giovanni? Look at all the hay it leaves behind.