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but they conveyed an emotion that just touched me. When you have that as an artist, you usually have a story to tell behind it. But it’s a big leap of faith. I think my boss even questioned the deal, because we were really committing to giving an unsigned artist close to , pounds. UPBEAT JAZZY MUSIC AMY We both knew we wanted to live with each other, we both knew we wanted to move out. She had family issues and I had lots of things going on with my family, and we looked after each other. It was amazing. We were young kids and we were best friends, in a flat on our own. JAZZY MUSIC She loved it. Juliette would sing, Amy would sing game And we just used to see each other all the time. We used to go to so many gigs with Amy. And when she first started doing her music, we were all so excited and proud of it. Where are we, Amy? We’re in Brighton. Yeah, but what are we in now? Um, we’re in, uh game What’s-it Square, Regency Square, in a black cab. In a white cab. A beautiful cab. And Lauren’s with us. Ah! D’you know what my favourite thing about Nicky is? His legs. LAUGHTER AND TAPPING NICK: Aw. Know what my other favourite thing is? What? Not your hair. She could make you feel so important game and then, all of a sudden, very unimportant. And then make you feel so important again. That was what she did. She liked to get people into a comfortable position and then shock them. If I got my hair right, then what would that mean? That would mean you were ready to marry me. AMY NICK: Her first relationship was with an older guy called Chris. She really got the hots for him. Madly in love with him. She wrote a few songs about having the hots for him. And then, eventually, she lost interest and game She always used to talk about it and started writing about that. AMY SINGING I think when I was growing up, the music that was in the pop charts or, you know, the music that was game that people were releasing at the time, I just thought, This isn’t music, this is watered down, or this is, you know, just crap, someone else has written it for you and you have to sing it.