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by a bunch of inglorious players games You listen to me, you become the master. Don’t get me into that stuff. You go ahead. I have enough troubles. How is that? Better? Teacher? ? What a great surprise. Mr. Ali, this is ; games one of my first graduates. He was a great student. He was even qualified for the Bornova Anatolian High after primary school. But for some reason, the rascal didn’t go on to study. That’s life, Ms. Vildan. Right. He became a barber then. Is that so? Yes. Come on, let me offer you some tea. I have a free hour anyway. I am suspicious about my wife. I couldn’t tell my father. The man has lost half his mind already. You can’t tell friends about such. I didn’t know what to do, so I came to you. So, what made you suspicious? You know Mr. Dundar he sells livestock. Yes, but what have you seen? I didn’t see her, but games There’s this girl who works for Mr. Dundar, his secretary. One day he was feeling her up games So? My wife has the same necklace as that secretary girl. So? She doesn’t get paid enough games to buy such a thing. So? I beat her. Who? I beat my wife. Well done! Son, how come you beat your wife of three weeks? And now you’ve come here to tell me about it. This is horrible. I beat her a lot too; poor woman. She just took it silently. games Do you love your wife? You haven’t changed at all. I haven’t? It’s been years. Of course I’ve changed. Anyways games Tell me, do you love your wife? I do. I love her very much. What I mean is games I had no such thing in mind. Why would a woman marry a man she doesn’t know? One gets all sorts of ideas. Those are heavy accusations. You can’t go around blaming people with no evidence like that. I’m unwell. I’m not fine. I’m all stiff inside. Okay. Now, you should first go and soften up your heart. Then give your wife a present. I don’t know; take her out to a dinner. Make it up to her, and don’t go talking such nonsense. Tell her nice things. Say nice things? SHAKESPEARE THOU GILD’ST THE EVEN Is this a good book? It depends on you. What? Do you like poetry?