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This is Games I hardly know you, and I’m talking like this. Karen, all the things that come so easily to Michael Games Were you one of them? ‘Cause there’s no man that deserves that much good fortune. I mean that. A woman like you a man should never take for granted, and you should never feel unsafe. And I want you to know that if you ever need anything Games You’re feeling bad in any way or you just need to talk Games That I’m there for you, OK? As a friend Games as a real friend, I’m there for you. OK? Come on. Let me get you out of here. How was your afternoon? Hey. Good. It was fine. You and Mrs. Carr getting along OK? We seem to be. When I was a kid at Erasmus, I didn’t have a single teacher that looked like Karen. I mean, they all had blue hair with names like Mushbutt or Silvercrone. Silvercrone’s my maiden name. She had me. Thank you. The good news is Frank Taft was so taken with you, he’s considering kicking in half the capital himself. Frank Taft? Booyoo Records? Yeah. We handle him. There’s a company that’s on a roll. Major roll. The kids love it. Excuse me, sir, I’m sorry. Do you have another card? What’s the problem? It’s canceled. That’s impossible. Computer glitch. Happens to me all the time. This is unbelievable. Relax. You’ll get the next one. If you insist. Don’t worry about it. All right. Now, we’re on for Tuesday night. Bye. Take care, Roger. Michael, what’s that? Looks like you’re having a bad night, Michael. Look, all I know is what’s on the computer print-out, and the computer says you got parking tickets. And the computer is wrong, so I’m not paying bucks for tickets I didn’t get. I’ve worked here five years. The computer’s never wrong. Do you want the boot off your car or not? This is unbelievable. Here. Wait a minute. Not that one. Honey, you sure about this? Remember the night we went to the Minzers’ house? What? They had the party on Cañon Avenue. I got one ticket. bucks? Come on. Jesus. Sorry, pal. You’re over the limit on this card. It’s a computer thing, like Roger said. Yeah. Right.