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League chartered a train for Genoa. Long live the kids from the farm! Long live Genoa! Long live the children! Well, Zambrone, what do you think? lf l have to think, Fasuline, l’ll need my thinking cap. Didn’t you hear? The reformists want to give pennies more an hour. More per hour? Yeah. Well, let’s see now, pennies more an hour multiplied by hours work a day. Oh! We’ll be millionaires by nightfall. Go jump in the lake, bubblehead. Hey! That wasn’t nice. Now l get water in the ear. Listen, Zambrone, on the other hand, the revolutionaries say that the land should go to those who work it, you hear, and eliminate owners and slaves alike. You get the gist, young man? l got it. l got it. l read and write, you know. l’m a scholar and l practice my pinctuation. Punctuation! Let’s check the vacobulary. Vocabulary. Well, what do you think? l think it’s time. Time? For what? The time has come to say, long live the revolution! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Long live the strike! Hurray for the strike! Long live the Workers’ League. Long live the strike. Oh, Zambrone, look who’s come. Look. l see guards, policemen. Oh, Fasu, what will we do? What will we ever do? Listen, we can give them a lesson, but we need a stick. Quick, quick. Grab a stick. Ready, Zambrone? Now let’s hear what they got to say. Hey! Who dares defy the law? Aha! Caught red-handed. Drop that stick and come here quick. Traitor! All right! That’s enough! Out! All of you, out! Out! Come on! Move it out of here! Hurry, the train. Go. Go on, children. Hurry. Ashamed! You ought to be ashamed! You even pick on puppets! You cowards! Go back to the landowners! Get down offthose horses! You cowards! Traitors! You sold out to the landowners! Renegades! Drop dead all of you! Olmo. Olmo, you forgot your clothes! Long live the great agricultural strike Olmo! Olmo! Olmo, where are you? Olmo, you forgot the bundle with your clothes and things. Olmo! Olmo! You thought l was a coward, Olmo. l’m not a coward. Over there. l can see my house. Look, look, the church steeple.