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believe I picked up a mole, of all people. Kwok Ming didn’t suspect you. He obviously ordered the hit. I know. He’s a petty man. Don’t be such a show-off. Did you suspect me? If there comes a day I found out you betrayed me. What do you want me to do? If there comes a day I found out you’re a mole. What do you want me to do? We’ll see. Who is this Brother Foon Hei? He used to be a major drug dealer in Hong Kong. Rumor has it he was dead. Someone saw him in Myanmar in the past months. He’s tight with drug lords in SE Asia. Be careful in Brazil. Gotta go! How do you know about Ding? Hong asked me to save her before. You didn’t show up at the Tung Yau cocktail, and killers showed up in Macau. If you were in my shoes, what should I think about you? I didn’t know the Boss changed his plan. I also didn’t know about the hit in Macau. Why was there no new handler after Hong died? The Police gave up on me? Your data file was damaged beyond repair. You can’t prove anything you said. Proving my identity is your job. Where is Ding? Where is she now? Dead. Chum Foon Hei shot her after Kwok Ming took her. It was my fault she blew her cover. I’m sorry. What case were you on? Tak Mou Group. I’ll be in touch with the dealers soon. Remember these numbers. Call me. Yes, Sir! You suspect me? One is texting and the other is reading at the same time. That’s too much of a coincidence. Even if Shiu is clean, the girl looks suspicious. Get rid of her. A guided massage tour? Luke, what have you got? Here Games At , Shiu was taken from the parking lot. Interestingly enough Games at , armed men broke into his flat. Different parties! What the hell? Relax! Just want something to drink! OK? Thank you. Who’s paying for the massage? Whoever gets out first. Superintendent Wong. Any word from the Security Bureau? Yes. The Brazilian Police are still locating the phone. CIB undercover agents are often killed not because they’re not good enough, or the baddies cheat, but because back up couldn’t get there fast enough. Help me out, Superintendent Wong!