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Emma. We’re talking Gods and fate, upheaval. Okay, theoretically, like what kind of upheaval are you talking about? I’m talking about be careful what you wish for ’cause, astrologically, ‘s about to get very real for you. At moonrise, I’d lay low. So what, don’t go out? Screw that, go on the date, just get home by :. You’re not wearing that, though. You look like Amish Mafia or something. I have an idea. Holy Oh, my Hansel and Gretel in the house. Girl, you are gonna owe me. Here. You get naked in front of them? They never judge me. They’re always happy to see me. Them, I trust. Careful. You’ll end up one of those old ladies surrounded by cats. Cat. I have one cat. That’s how it starts. I’m just gonna drop you guys off at home. Uhh! Ride much? Oh! grunts Summit barks EMMA: No! Hey, man, curb your beast! Are you okay? meows Summit, come back! Summit! Summit! Oh, I’m so sorry. You are a splendid butterfly It is your wings that make you beautiful And I could make you fly away But I could never make you stay You said you were in love with me Both of us know that that’s impossible I’m nowhere near ready, am I? sobs sobbing continues Oh, Ajax, you’re so flirtatious. Summit whines Hey. No, I didn’t forget about you. I didn’t forget about you. Come here, Summit. Come here. Oh, oh, oh! I wish there were guys out there like you two. Sorry I’m here on a weeknight, Emma. I’m just upgrading the locks. I got the roof done, and now all I have left is the front door. It’s okay, Carl. You okay? Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks. Have a good night. Yeah, yeah. See you tomorrow. Bye. clatters Sorry. wolf howling Summit barking What? Not again! barking I got no candy for you, dog! Get away from me! man barking Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Hey, now, huh-huh Hey, hey, yeah, now Ow, now Hey, now, huh-huh Hey, hey, yeah, now Party on Fire Uh, uh Fire It’s all, all about Fire Woo, woo, woo, woo Fire Oh Hey, can I have your coat? And talk really sets me off To a fuller love, child Yes, it does The way you squeeze, tease Here. You got a little drool right there.