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so long as you need to be fed. ButAlfredo is rotten! He’s rotten! Alfredo’s your cousin. Look at the game . Just married and she’s running away. Regina, l love you. l gain strength from insult and humiliation. l gain strength. And ltaly is my master. l serve only her. That is what we marched for. The rich, they take and they steal and they game They eat. They eat well and they are rotten. We fascists, we eat crumbs and we gain strength. Alfredo Berlinghieri, you, and all parasites, will pay the bill for the fascist revolution. And the bill will not be cheap. The bill will not be cheap. Everybody will pay. Everybody, rich and poor, gentry and peasant, they will pay with money and land and bread and cows and cheese and blood and ! You really love me? You love me? Will you love me forever? Attila? Regina, l love you forever. Here are your gloves. My gloves. Our best man. Have you ever played the wedding game, huh? Huh? Have you ever played the wedding game? Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! My net! Keep still! Keep still! You’ll rip my net. You’re scaring him. You’ll rip my net. lt costs money. Keep still. Get me out of here! What are you waiting for? lf you don’t keep still for a minute game Oh! Take it easy and you’ll be free again. Well? Come on! Uh-huh. Can you game Can you help me? What is this net doing here? lt’s a trap, a trap for brides. Do you catch many? You’re the first. And the last. Help me down. ls all this land ours? All yours. l have a feeling l’m going to like it here. l used to think l hated the country. Oh, l love the smell of earth. That’s dried . Ugh! What’s in there? No, no! No! My birds are in there. What are you doing? Help me up now. They were all at the party today, except you. Yes, except me. Alfredo thinks of you as a real friend, you know that. Yes, l know. l know, but we’re different. So perhaps you’re not such good friends. Perhaps. Maybe you’re enemies! Patrizio! What did you have to eat? Patrizio! All kinds of hors d’oeuvres and salmon mousse. And what else? Larks on a spit, fresh sturgeon and suckling pig.