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Eating people alive? Where does that get fun? Shepherd Book said they was men who just… reached the edge of space, saw a vasty nothingness… and went bibbledy over it. Oh, hell. I’ve been to the edge. Just looked like more space. I don’t know. It can get awful Ionely in the black. Like to get addlepated ourselves, we stay on this boat much longer. Captain will drive us all off, one by one. Just like Simon and River. Just like Inara. Kaylee, are you ever going to put that capture down? We got to have records of everything, Inara. A bona fide companion entertained clients on this very ship. In this very bed. Well, I can’t do my work here. And I don’t think the Captain approves. The Captain wants you to stay… That man doesn’t know what he wants. I don’t have time to… Don’t talk to the barkers, talk to the captains. You look the captain in the eye. Know who you’re dealing with. I wish there was… You shouldn’t ought to be so clean. It’s a dead giveaway you don’t belong, you always got to be tidy.