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What the hell are you laughing at? I’m not through with you yet. Go ahead, laugh! Keep laughing till I cut your throat wide open! Do you know what a blade… can do to a human body? I’ve seen men… flayed from head to toes… while they screamed in agony… wishing they were dead. I’ve seen spleens… livers, intestines… spill outward. You won’t believe the amount of blood, Like butter. I’ve seen it. And I’m still seeing it now. What’s going on, Big Brother? Wanna see what this blade can do? Huy! Get your asses up here! Take it outside! If you idiots break anything, Grab this! Tie him up! Quickly! Tie him up! Close your eyes. I wanna show you something. Mom, I’m ready. Be right there! You small town hillbillies can’t even wipe your own asses. Because of me… because of my bar… that people started paying attention to this nothing town. If my bar goes out of business… this town goes down. Let me tell you then, no booze, no girls, no jobs! So you think that’s funny? Go ahead and laugh! Pretty funny, right? inbred hillbillies! Now, will someone tell me, what are we going to do about this guy? Boss! Boss! There’s a guy in the next province. He’s the real deal. Is this guy legit? Everybody knows him. What’s his name? Boss, his name is Mr. Hammer. I want this Mr. Hamster here by tomorrow! We caught him hiding in the next province. He’s to be executed. The orders came from Commander Long. You must do it, Sir. I accept my fate. Do it! If I am going to die… I’d rather it’s you, Dao. This must be a mistake. Long and I grew up with this man. Sir, we have explicit orders to… What’s so important about this deck? It’s my anniversary present to my husband. Long sent you, didn’t he? He sent you to bring me back. You have bigger issues to concern yourself with… Like how you plan to tell your husband… that the last years been… …a total lie. I wanted a home. A husband. A family. I have no regrets for what I did. The last nine years… was the happiest time of my life. Unfortunately for you… all that will soon vanish.