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em. Never easy bein’ the one holdin’ all the cards. You’re lucky I didn’t run away. Where would you have gone? We’re miles from anywhere, kid. My back. Here, why don’t you go grab us some firewood. I packed breakfast. Laura! Laura, honey, breakfast is ready! Laura? Lau? PHONE RINGS Hello? She what? I’ll be right there. So this is where Levi hid all that time? We combed this area a dozen times. You know the story? He sat up there close to a half a year. Got me all kinds of bad press. Nearly had the town rootin’ for him. Truth is I enjoyed every minute of it. Exhilaration tracking your prey. Hemingway said it best. “There is no hunting like the hunting of man.” I guess maybe you got a little taste of that now, huh? After killing Charlie. in’ A. SIREN WAILS Richie, this is Tom, come in, over. LAURA CRYING Stechel, what’s your ? Shut up, ! Richie, this is Tom, come in, over. What were you and your dad doin’ out in the woods anyway? Took me on a hunting trip. Whitetail. You wanted to be a big man hunter, huh? No.