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Harry was just telling us about the good old days. He would have done better to remember that we do not encourage contact between our employees and our guests. We’re not your guests. We’re reporters. You invited us here, remember? So, you can save that line of crap for your robots, mister. And Dr. Schneider, if we’re not allowed to interview anybody we want, then I think that we just better leave Delos right now. You can talk to anyone you wish. I merely request that you inform Mr. Duffy and not sneak around at o’clock in the morning. Surely, that’s not too much to ask. Listen, I was just leaving anyway. No, that’s all right, Harry. It’s late. And I think that we’re the ones that ought to be going. If you follow me, I’ll see you to your rooms. Chuck? Right. Thanks, Harry, We’ll see you. Yeah, okay. Clark, give me another gin. What’d I tell you? It never changes. You get mixed up with people, all you got’s trouble. Good night. Thanks for everything, Doc. It’s been a swell evening. Mister, if this was your idea of a swell evening, you have got the wrong girl. No, I don’t, and one of these days you’re going to be a hell of a reporter. What did I do? Come with me. I thought you’d never ask. Come on. Harry spoke of a Frenchy, remember? Yeah. Well, this guy called Frenchy got himself killed trying to tell me about Delos. Now, I never got the story. But he was carrying these clippings about heavyweight people from every country on Earth. You know, bankers and commissars, you name it. I don’t get the connection. Well, I checked. And each one of them was a guest at Delos. Now, I smell a big rat. But I want to talk to Harry alone and I’m going to need your help, Socks. Oh, listen I don’t know. I mean, we keep breaking their rules, they’re never going to let me back with a video crew. Anyway, we promised that we would be fair. Okay, you help me tomorrow. and if I don’t get something solid from Harry, then I’ll lay off, all right? Okay, okay. Hey, you were pretty terrific tonight, do you know that? Oh, you weren’t too shabby yoursef.