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Do you? You’re a pig. José, can she insult me like that? Yes. She can insult you. You can insult her. You can all insult each other. And I can leave if you don’t respect each other, as I said earlier. What do you say? I’m sorry. Veronica, do you want to talk about what you feel? How can you say anyone could do my job? You know it isn’t true. You’re right. We’re all important in one way or another, okay? But what if we leave that aside and concentrate on what matters? Time is short. We’re going to be objective. We all know that there’s one person who’d have it much easier in prison. And that’s you, Vero. Me? Me. Yes, you. I’ve been investigating. You don’t say. And what did you find? Really, there’s no comparison. There isn’t? No, men’s prisons are terrible. There are rapes, gangs, there’s violence Games It’s horrible. There’s no comparison with women’s prisons. No, that’s true. You, too? Everyone knows that, Vero. Marcel Games Tell her. It’s true. Yes, yes. There’s absolutely no comparison. No, none at all. You may not know that, in Spain, % of the prison population is male. Did you know that? What does that mean? That the prisons here are made by and for men. And the whole penal system is designed by men. Suppose I’m sent to a women’s center. You know how many women’s prisons there are? Take a guess. Thirty, fifteen, twenty Games How many? Ten, I don’t know. Three. Only three. And as my family isn’t in Ávila, or Seville, or Madrid, they’d have a long journey for a -minute visit. The first year, fantastic, great. The other six, no one will visit me. But it could be worse. I could be sent to a women’s block in a men’s prison. Those really ty blocks. It’s like being in a prison within a prison. They’re all on antidepressants or tranquilizers. Don’t laugh. As well, men are separated by crime, women aren’t. As there isn’t enough space, they’re all put in together. And you’re right. My cellmates won’t rape me, Carlos. In the women’s prisons, the wardens do that. A group of them, in exchange for nothing and with total impunity.