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than the textbook. The time I spent on the trains are even more than on my bed. Tiresome? Not at all. Hi. Hi. What are you doing here? I told you. I will find ways to meet you. Wait a minute. What are you doing? Nothing. You’ve been working too much. You have serious dark circles. Do you sleep at all? I do. Don’t worry about it. Have a taste. I think our cappuccino is a bit too sweet. How is it? Too sweet? I think it’s just right. The sweet is overshadowing the coffee. It can cover the bitterness. I don’t have to drink herbal medicine anymore. You know nothing about coffee. I’ll make you some black coffee. It will have a sweet aftertaste. Come on, lady. I come all the way here. You just keep talking about coffee. Fine Games Let’s go to a movie later, ok? No more zombie films. Hello? Hello. Who is this? I am Zhi. What’s up? Do you want pork chop with rice tomorrow? What are you talking about? By the way, how do you know my dorm room number? Because I am god. I can guess it. Then can you guess what I am about to do. You want to hang up on me Right, you really are god. Bo-Zhi Xiao. Mrs. Gwen. What brings you here? Lu is not here. Where did he go? He Games is Games on a business trip. What’s the matter? I can tell him later. No, it’s fine. It’s not a big deal. I just want to stop by and visit him. Here, take the chicken soup to Lu, and this one, your parents asked me to bring it to you. Ok, thanks. I will get going now. Ok, bye. Another zombie film. And it’s the same one. You really want to take the night train home? It’s all right. I can get some sleep on it. Well, be careful then, ok? I know. Min-Lu Guan. What’s wrong? Am I important to you? Of course you are. So will you listen to me? Yes. Here. You have to eat it. What’s this? To help you recover some energy. I am heading in. Ok. Take care. Bye Games Magic club Games Are you interested to join? Mr. Zhen-Ting. Are you interested? I enjoy watching the magic tricks. But being a magician Games l have no idea. How about Games an assistant to the magician? Magic club?