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oh. That was more his doing than mine, but i was happy to do it. you gave up a lot just like when your mother died. dad, it really wasn’t a big deal. i’ve always been proud of you. but i want you to start looking out for yourself now. dad, i was happy to come no, i know. but you’ve more than earned the right to a little happiness. find it, whatever makes you happy. for you. [ cellphone rings ] please stop calling. belle, wait. Let me explain. thank you for getting my dad’s job back, but i’ve had enough. belle, it was a mistake. yes, it was. you never should have held my dad’s job over his head in the first place. are you working later? what do you mean? at landry’s. no. have you talked to him since yeah. so you’re still ticked at him. wouldn’t you be? yeah, but he tried to make it up to you. he went back on our deal. just because his sliver of a conscience got to him doesn’t mean i have to do anything for him. well, at least you’ll have more time for craig. i’m kidding. He told me about the other day. you’re cruel. you’re okay with it? sure. Craig’s my cousin, but i know how he can be. [ telephone rings ] this is eric. man: eric? I was expecting your assistant to answer. uh, yeah. belle isn’t with me anymore. that’s too bad. I actually liked that one. me too. hi. hi. how have you been? fine, thanks. i heard about what happened. i’m sorry about your dad and his job. yeah. I’m just sorry it came to this. listen, if you ever want to go out, get your mind off things, i’m here. thanks, but i’ll manage. [ sighs ] [ crying ] i am starving. I heard their muffins are great. yeah, that might be good. why am i here again? to eat. look, craig begged me. he just wanted to see you one more time, and he swore if you still felt Games Whatever, he’d back off. at least it’s breakfast. i usually skip it, and i’m starving by :. at least it’ll be worth it for your stomach, then. where is he anyway? he called in a panic. Turned his alarm off early. hey, why did you tell him about my dad? i kind of wished he didn’t know about him getting fired and stuff.