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I’m good at consuming alcohol so really I’m over-qualified for the job. Umm, yeah, well, uh, that’s my personal stash. So, uh, if you can just keep them cold in a games You know, don’t give them out. You put open bar on these flyers and people come running down from the hills. These, uh, cocksuckers are expensive. Yeah, I’ll keep them safe for you, sir. You don’t have to call me “sir.” I’m games I’m Sydney Perch. Paul. Yeah. Nice, Paul. Um, heh games You wanna have a beer with me? That’s totally cool, just don’t, uh, you know, tell my mom. I really should wait till I’m off the clock. I’m gonna get you started. There you go. Sydney. Is little Percy down there? He’s run off again! I’d better go get him. Uh, put that on ice, okay. Weird. . Ow! Goddammit! Jesus. You see, you see that? They’re like this games There ing huge. Avoid everything here. It’s games it’s bad. Oh, poor baby. I brought this for you. I thought you might forget that. Don’t put it through your hand. I’m not gonna put it through my hand. Ow! Kidding. Can you do me a favor? Can you just warn that guy about the wasps? They’re just games I don’t know. They’re really making me nervous. Cause if he’s games if he’s allergic games Sydney? Yeah. The guy with the Quasimodo. Was he drunk? Um games games I mean, I gave him a beer. So it depends what his tolerance is. I mean, he did suck it down pretty good. Just remember these are our clients. Yeah. Aye, aye captain. Why do I games It’s not the ing White House, okay? I mean, her husband was in the pharmaceutical business. Some corporate drug dealer. They medicate the American population into ing zombies. Alright? I don’t need to respect that. You should respect the fact that we’re doing a job. Yes, you’re right. . That looks terrible. Yeah, it is terrible. Do you wanna kiss it and make it better? First aid’s in the glove compartment. Okay. Next to that is a spare pair of pants. You should put them on, one leg at a time. Alright? And while you’re at it games games move the van to the back of the house.