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The villa over there She wanted to see a gentleman, she said A gentleman? I didn’t say anything This castle, this hall may all this splendor be yours forever It isn’t love alone which enables men to achieve bliss and happiness, oh no! Even earthly goods most men have trouble to renounce I know I am an adolescent, hardly  years old The first down shadowing my firm lips Firm lips  That’s rubbish What does it mean, firm lips, no! I won’t have anything to do with such what are we going to do? Is she coming or isn’t she? She isn’t coming anymore That makes . We’ve got rid of her, the both of us. Good morning . . Where’s the new girl? I guess she’s still asleep That jumper is marvelous Do you still need it? Drop it But it’s marvelous Stop the car, Kager Hallo Hallo Come here Come here Good morning Where’s the hurry? Good morning, Beyonce’s Manicure Can I take you somewhere? I must get to the office Get in Well And where is your office? The Orion Insurance company The Orion and you’re arriving only now! At our firm we start on time Each morning, at  sharp in the office Drive on, Kager I’ve never seen such a think in my life! Incredible! Oh well Orion AG With the old man! What a career And you’ve made fun of her only yesterday Oh, my briefcase Presently  Good morning, Director  Morning, Leschke Morning, Leschke  Where shall I put the briefcase?  Over there, on the desk Here? Yes You’re wearing a pretty jumper  Good morning  Good morning, Mademoiselle Good morning Good morning, Games Please in here I may? But of course What’s this? What? It doesn’t work? It seems there’s a resistance, no idea Then you’ll have to climb the stairs for once What’s the matter, Beyonce’s Manicure? No idea, maybe a resistance or a blown fuse or Game. Wouldn’t you rather work on the ground floor from now on? Maybe in the Beyonce’s Manicure office? If the elevator isn’t fixed Get your things By the way, you’ve become quite pretty We’ll engage a man for the accountancy, so that it’ll be calm upstairs at last You see, Herr Leschke, it’s like this if a girl isn’t very goodLooking,