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Bicycle race It’s a matter of life and death for me. Hello, yes sir? Where are you? At the office. Whose office? Sir, my office. Then why are you whispering? Sir I’m in a meeting, shall I call you back? I’m retired, not useless Game You think I have nothing better to do? I’m a busy man, I have no time Game Ok, do one thing. Give me your Pan Card number. Sir why do you want my Pan Card number? Why? If you want to marry my daughter, I have full right to ask for your Pan Card number. And if you don’t have a Pan Card number, you have no right to marry my daughter Game do you understand? No, no Sir Game I’ll give you my Pan Card number Game I’m giving you my Pan Card number. And your Passport number, Voter ID Card number, your car registration number and most importantly your Identity Card number Game I want it all! Got it? Yes sir Ok, now bring the photocopies of all documents Game to the gymkhana this evening. And remember, without document verification, the marriage is cancelled. Mr Chaddha Game you may please go in. Yeah. Trainee! Are you serious? Sir I was a senior executive at Air Connect. And they fired you. I’m at least giving you a trainee’s position and you are not even thankful. Oh, thank you so much sir. I think I deserve much better. Where will you find something better in this worstcase scenario? I will, I will get much better Game Much much much better! Junior Manager Global Assist, salary , Sales Manager Bling Entertainment, Salary , Assistant Marketing Manager Game Inner Beauty salary to Game Inner Beauty, you mean lingerie and underwear? Right! No no Game I can’t sell underwear Game Refuel for how much sir? Fill up the tank Game What’s wrong with selling lingerie? Inner Beauty is even offering a higher salary.. And before papa finds out. I don’t want to take any stupid decision because of Osama’s fear Game And come on, I’m in no way going to sell bras and panties. Sir, Rs . Yeah. You know airlines is my thing It’s just a matter of time, I will definitely find a job Game I’m good ya Game Hey. This is new right?