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They’re putting him on the next flight to Heathrow. Thank you. And his wife is on line six for you. Thank you! Thank you, Maurice. Maurice? Shut the door. Yes, sir. Hello, Johanna. We’ve found him. He’s on his way home. Thank heavens. This place is an absolute mausoleum on one’s own. Do you feel unsafe? A bit. I could park outside for the night. Oh, I couldn’t ask. But how about tomorrow? Do come in, of course. Say, 😕 You, me, and Charlie? Well, of course, Alastair. Wouldn’t do, the two of us here alone, would it? No, I suppose not. Still game if he can’t make it, he can’t make it. May I bring anything? Perhaps there is something you could bring. A bottle of Chardonnay? A complete regimental listing of the British th Army, nd Division, June of . Very well, Johanna. ‘Til tomorrow. Ta! Well, maybe he won’t be able to make it. Uppy, uppy, Jock! You are uppy, sir. Am I? Where are we? You should see the other fellow. The fact that you’re as drunk as a fiddler’s bitch in no way obviates the fact that you very nearly caused an international incident. A man your age has no excuse for looking or behaving like a fugitive from a home for alcoholic music hall artistes. I will have you know that I am not an alcoholic. I am a drunk, and there is a vast difference. In my defense, I was not drinking until the plane. And in the car, sir. And a bit in the car. And the Ambassador’s residence. And at the Ambassador’s residence. The only advice I offer is you do not apply to another of our embassies for help if and when you outrage the laws of the United States, once you are there. Stop! Stop! Are you suggesting that I go to the Colonies? Perish the vile thought. I couldn’t possibly. The sale of your RollsRoyce to Krampf will offer you a perfect cover. Find out if he’s got that painting. Get behind the gates of his estate and poke around a bit. The car has been loaded upon a cargo flight to Los Angeles, and is halfway across the Atlantic. You will follow. California? Oh, icky! Your bags have been packed and checked, and your