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what we need. What are we playing at? I’m tired and I’ve got a deadline to meet. To me, dear, you always look as fresh as a midday edition. I’ve got three more of these tea parties to get to. No, Eddie, don’t be like that! Angels, in all these years, have I ever let you down? Look, I know it’s her natural environment, but do you think you could possibly drag your client out of the bedroom? Ladies and gentlemen of the press, your hostess, Miss Dixie Collins. Hello, darlings! How perfectly wonderful of you all to come. Boys, boys, please! Will some gorgeous gentleman get me a drink? What exactly is the truth about your fourth marriage, Miss Collins? The same tragedy as the third, darling, but then, with me, everything goes in cycles. Up and down, up and down! Why is it so long since you visited England, Miss Collins? Oh, you know, so many dates, so many husbands, none of them English. What a pretty dress! Dixie, there’s some doubt about your date of birth. Would you care to clear it up? Certainly, darling. I’m Scorpio. And you’re Patricia Lewis. Simply everybody reads your column back in America. Hello! Dixie, whatever became of that young flamenco singer? The California oranges just didn’t agree with him, the poor darling, so I re-exported him back to Spain. Miss Collins. Thank you. Gee, it’s sure tough to get a drink at this party. She can look after herself, that girl. Use has developed the muscles. You got to admit it, she looks marvellous. I admit it, but I can’t enjoy it. Oh, no! Which paper are you? The Financial Times. I just had to see you, Mr Mayer. I’ve got a great idea for Bongo. It’s haunting me. All right, but not now. Come to my office. But it’s almost classical. At the same time, it’s got a reverential attitude towards life. You’re not holding my attention. Go! It’s a sort of Ave Maria with heart! Italian numbers are out. In a word, Mr Mayer, religion! You’re a bloody nuisance, but you’re a trier. All right, I’ll buy religion. So, take a drink and go. There’s a good one! What shows are you doing