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for these atomic plans, we’ll have all the money we want. Irene! When did you arrive? An hour ago. I flew in from Paris. Alone? Yes. It’s all horrible. Well, at least I still have a head on my shoulders. How is your family? Very well, thank you. Good! Are you staying long? I’d like to return to Paris as soon as possible. Very well. I won’t keep you longer than necessary. After what’s happened, I think we ought to come to some understanding. Irene, we’ve always been friends. Good friends, if nothing more. Always been honest with each other, and as you know, our marriage was an affair of the State. You were not happy and naturally you not being happy, neither was I. I was to blame for that. Nonsense! You were young and very much in love. Unfortunately, not with me. No, neither was to blame. It was the Throne and now the Throne no longer exists. You want a divorce? I want you to be happy. I’ll do whatever you wish. I only wish to end the hapless years you spent with me. They were by no means hapless. Then let’s call them years of a friendly misalliance. Cheer up! Let me order you some lunch. Why is life so complicated? How dull it would be if it weren’t. Main office. Give me room service, please. Room service. Will you send up a menu? Good heavens! Come in! Telegram, Sir. Gracious! I thought it was the menu. Excuse me. From that Cromwell woman again about dinner this evening. You’re definitely not going? Definitely. There’s one thing we haven’t discussed. Alimony. I don’t need it. I’m quite rich, you know that. From a lady about to get a divorce, that’s an incredible statement. Do you realize today happens to be the anniversary of our wedding? Well, you look happier now than you did then. What a bore I must have been. Considering we were on our honeymoon, you weren’t exactly amusing. You must have hated me. On the contrary, I loved you. How could you? I thought you were too young to know your own mind. But you weren’t. -You haven’t eaten a thing. I’m not hungry. Let me order you something else. Thank you. I must think about leaving.