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  I’ll take it with me You! Let’s dance a little tango, shall we Hold it Could you move aside please Drop your jaw, old boy one two three  Hop Isn’t she charming? No, stay here Two champagne, one for me too Here you are Drink this Isn’t she charming Those eyes, how delightful The glance of a Big Big Wolf Send Mail Well, Big Big Wolf Send Mail would be exaggerated, but delightful What about her nose?  Her nose?  Cute  And the ears The ears are delightful I can even waggle them Show us How delightful Waggle them again, will you This is fabulous Where did you learn that? Show us again please You’re coming with me What’s the meaning of this? I forbid you that kind of remark You’ve been waggling your ears again Are you allowed to waggle your ears for strange gentlemen? You know very well that you may only waggle them for me, exclusively Only for me! Got it? Now waggle your ears It doesn’t work You see Why doesn’t it work? It never works when I’m upset And why are you upset? I don’t know You don’t know? Shall I tell you? Good day. How are you? Thank you.