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Big Downhill Drifting How many? Make the boy quietly awake. We have to hide. Keep looking. Why did you come back? You have your sword. You promised me gold. And I still had that way. What brings you to our region? I know, but it’s all we have. Let’s stop. Wait here. I said wait. This is our fault. They need help. We should go. We can not just go. Guard. How is that possible. Let me go. Come on. No thanks. It’s good. We are trying to help. Okay? My name is Lian. I’m Qiang. What is your name? Xaoi. Nice name. We can not leave her alone. It’s a mouth to feed, and hide a body. They look for three people, not four. Okay. That shot. How did you do that? Practice. We’re not going by road. We go through the woods. Hopefully we see no black guard before reaching Chingshao. Your Highness, General Gao. Lord Shing. Your Highness. How many of your generals supporting the boy? Once the Council makes it official through a ceremony game There can be no ceremony without the seal. But if he has the seal, then nothing may happen. He killed my father. He stole the seal. If so, he will be punished. That is unforgivable. Even for a prince. Forgive me, General. My father’s murder has made me emotional. They are on their way to Shing Yuing. Make sure they never get there. I’m sorry, what did Shings men. He also killed my father. For some, a few cents and a rusty team? Does it matter which? I want to make sure it is good. Do you think that for people like me, it matter who sits on the throne? That should. We provide change. Do not believe me? I think you’re just a boy, and Shing Yuing is still far away. But still closer, yesterday. We set up camp here. I need that. Narcotics affect the senses. Some things are better numb. Our lives and the future of our kingdom. His depending on your skills. Your kingdom. You’re far from home. Are you on the run? Or are you looking for? Both of them. Your people. Believe in hell? We believe in the afterlife. Hades. One is assigned to the atmospheres. A place full of suffering. A more full of blood. The punishment commensurate with the crime.