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You know that? You’re alright! I knew Mom would fix you up! A Master? Mr. Hammer… is a Master? The boss went all out this time! This is him? The old man actually went all out. Mr. Hammer, we’ve been expecting you. Where is the baker and his wife? Um… it’s like this… Things have changed. We no longer need your service. That’s a dope ride you got out there, Mr. Hammer. Stop calling me Mr. Hammer. I understand. You want to keep this one low-key. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a room for you. Got a nice girl upstairs for you. You can stay as long as you like. In the meantime, I told you to stop calling me that name! What should I call you then, Mr. Hammer? That’s my cousin, you son of a ! My sword. Where is he? You look like . Okay. You’re so predictable. We haven’t even started, Damn good whiskey! Hello, Anh. You’re tough woman to find. You’ve gained some weight these days. Mom! Mom, Mom! Hung! Mom! Hung! Watch out! Dad! Long! Zero tolerance means zero tolerance. If I make an exception for your brother… where will it end? The Emperor’s Army must be strong and unified. Spare me the doctrines! You know as well as I do… Is it? I’m begging you! If you have any feelings left for me… I have always loved you! You are the general of the Emperor’s Army. Relationships are forbidden. You know that. But that didn’t stop you and Dao did it? The four of us were like family since we were kids… My feelings for Dao… I know it has hurt you. But I have never misled you. I beg you, he’s my only brother. Please find it in your head… What would you do… Dad! Honey… Mom. Son… It is the Buddha’s teachings. Man covets what he sees, touches, tastes. He creates likes and dislikes. Good and bad. All of these things bring him sufferings and pain. Until you understand that, the pain of Samsara is inevitable. Why did you come here, my son? I came to seek forgiveness. Sufferings and pain and hatred, regrets… they are like a fire that can burn down a house. They need our immediate attention. Until you forgive yourself… the road ahead for you…