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The Internet was the only place that it could be run, unedited, instantly, to the whole world. Some people have suggested game that you and Sam Foley game have been working together. Did you and Mr. Foley conspire to create this whole scenario? Sam was just in the right place at the right time. What made you decide to start supplying the mainstream media, or the game the “majors,” as you describe them, with footage again? Look, what I was doing was obvious. But, somehow, the reason I was doing it was not. Now, I figured that if I exposed what I was doing to more people, eventually someone somewhere would figure it out. The world would open its eyes, and then maybe I could stop. So you wanted other people to take up your work? – No. – You wanted game you wanted other people to start killing? No. No. Millions of people are watching this broadcast, right now, both here and around the world. I believe they want the answer to one game simple question. Why didn’t you just stop? Because regardless of whether the message was getting out there or not game they all deserved to die. If you believe that we are simply dumb animals that have developed some level of self-awareness, well, then you can rationalize taking a life, because it really doesn’t mean anything. Sure. But if you believe in the existence of a soul, something beyond this world, well, that puts a whole different perspective on it. So, you’re saying John Doe doesn’t believe in the soul. He just thinks we’re all dumb animals. Oh, not at all. John Doe is much more complicated than that. So no accidents this week? No. You sure about that? No, there’s no accidents. Uh game can you sign my form, please? We’ll get to the form in a minute. Look, Becky game it’s beyond time for you to give the shelter a try. No, I can’t leave. – Yes, you can. – No, I couldn’t. He loves me. You can’t live like this. Well, how would we survive? I’ve never had a job. Hmm? Who’s gonna give me a job? We can take care of that. You stay at the shelter, there are training programs. No. Tell me, Becky, why is it more scary to leave than to stay? Well, what about Taylor? She’d be devastated. And game I mean, she loves her father. No doubt, but she needs you. Well, we shouldn’t leave. It wouldn’t be fair. He works so hard to support us. How long do you think it’ll be before Taylor has an accident? No, he wouldn’t. – Why not? – He loves her. He loves her more than anything. Loves you, too. Well, that’s only when he’s been drinking, and game it’s always late. She’s always in bed. – For now. – Yeah. But how long until she gets in the way? How long until she tries to protect you? How long before she ends up, in hospital, with three broken ribs and a fractured skull, or worse? He’ll find us. I can take care of that, too. What’d you say? What’d you game ing say? Huh? Huh? Don’t walk away from me, you game ing scrag! game ! game . Think you’re a big man. John Doe continues on his rampage, with the police seemingly unable to stop him. Despite the increased police presence on our streets and in our skies, the central