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Sure it’s no Mercedes, but it doesn’t cost ike a Mercedes does. What? Cut it out, Gershon. He’ be right back. Gershon, ay off about that now. Don’t ta k nonsense, his suitcase is here Radio OK. He wi come back. He wi. OK. Here he comes. Wait a minute Radio Thank you very much. Do you ne a receipt? OK. Here it is. Have a nice day. See? He even tipp me. OK. You a ways think the worst about peop e. Everything’s set. How are you doing, Yiga ? Awesome. Sha we go? Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. Roger. Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. C earance for takeoff and aps? Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. Wait a minute. Roger, Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. Waiting. Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. You have c earance to take off. Roger, Bravo, Sierra, X-ray. Have c earance to take off. We got c earance. Just a second. What? The be t. Is everything fine? Sure Radio the be t Radio It’s too tight? Yiga ? Where are you going, Yiga ? Yiga ! Yiga ! Hi. ivorno St. p ease, then to Ba four Radio uh, in?.. To ya, the bag. , Ga ya. What ? What bag? Where is the bag? I have it. Everything’s fine. Where’s my te ephone? I don’t know. He o. Hi. What a surprise. It’s a sma wor d. Very sma. You know each other? Yiga is the father of a student. These are my friends, Ga ya and To ya. To ya is me. Nice to meet you. Hi. You know Nata ie, right? She’s in the choir with Assaf. Oh, yeah? Hi, Nata ie. She’s grumpy about the dress we picked. You picked. But she can’t wear jeans to the tryouts. What tryouts? The Young Rubinstein competition. A competition for young pianists. No kidding Radio He o. I’m sorry, we forgot the phone. Who did I reach? Yes, thank you. Thank you, thank you. I’ te her. I wi. Thank you. Bye. You forgot it at work. Damn it Radio When wi you be there? On Thursday. Candy anyone? To ya is on a diet. Thanks. Joe Dassin was a huge star in Russia. You don’t say. I went to his concert in Moscow when I was itt e. You’re so ucky! Did he ever come to Israe ? No. Do you speak French? Not a sing e word? Nothing. But I ike the sound of it. Me too. Ever been to Paris? Didn’t get the chance.