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Billiards 32 Did you ever really love Robert? You saw him, what do you think? Mom. I thought he was a very nice guy. I never travelled before and he saw the whole world. With him things were an adventure. Until I discovered game He is quite fleeting. Did he hurt you? He gave me the best thing I could ever wish for. Robert said you wanted to raise me on your own. Did you never have doubts? Things go as they do. Shit. What’s the matter? Sofie’s dad. I don’t like that man at all. Me neither. Did you break up with Sofie? We never even dated. She pretended because she is dating a Moroccan guy. Sofie is dating a Moroccan? Don’t you start too. She should’ve opposed him. You have no idea what he’s like. All too well. Too stubborn to apologize. Very destressing, this. We must go. Hi Henk. Hey, Marit. Are you alone? No. I’m here with my son. I don’t want to see him. Why not? Sofie is devastated since he broke up. Casper didn’t break up. They never had anything. Sofie should have told you she has a Moroccan boyfriend. It’s going on for months. I like the idea of you having a Moroccan soninlaw. Nothing beats fat food. That’s what stresses me out. Why? Don’t you like it? I have something for you. What is it? First promise me you’ll do it. I’ll do anything for you. Promise? Yes, I promise. What does this cost? It’s a friendly turn. Now I have a sting in my life. Staying alive mom. Those are the lyrics. Turn left A bit more. What is this? And stop. This is beautiful. If you can’t come to India, India will come to you. It’s so beautiful. When the test results are bad game I want you to take care of Casper. No smoking break. I have an important rehearsal. I’ll be back in two hours. If you leave you never have to come back. And I want my money back. Everybody’s here. Except Casper, but he’ll be here any minute. Or he won’t. Did he call to cancel? He didn’t. I’d like to talk to you about our trip to Prague. We’re almost ready to go A ticket to Prague. Did you get a cancellation insurance? Why? Are you intending to get sick? No, but the orchestra goes by bus.