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  Blackjack 21 All right. I would like to buy Blackjack 21. Okay, St. Charles Place.  Hi, Play Game.  Hi, Blackjack 21. Did Games show up? Yeah, he stopped by. Well, so, what does it do? What happens when you push the button? Nothing special. Did he give you a key to the dome? I bet it does something cool. You sure do ask a lot of questions. And now you’re avoiding them. Hey, big mouth, that’s enough. All right? In bed by ? Yes, sir.  All right.  Thanks, Dana. Good night. Good night.  That’s yours.  Okay. My turn. He was very charming. I honestly believe he would give us that entire briefcase full of money. Here you go. Forever and ever and ever. Well, well let’s get on with it. So, what are you thinking? All right. Look, there’s absolutely no upside for him in this deal, okay? So he’s a con artist. The bill’s a counterfeit. You don’t give someone $  with no strings attached.  That’s just crazy.  Maybe he is crazy. I mean, maybe he’s mentally ill and he’s just using this device as some sort of excuse to murder someone and then blame us for it. So should we call the police? What do you wanna do? If we tell anyone, the deal is off. No money.  He said that?  Yes, we can’t tell anyone.  Let’s go home.  All right. I’ll get our coats. Well, someone spent a lot of time designing this. Anodized aluminum, handblown glass. It looks expensive. Hello. What are you doing? I’m gonna take a look inside. Look at this silly… There we go. Nothing. No transmitter, no radio. If we pushed the button right now, there’s no way he’d even know. Okay, just… You know what? Put it back together. I don’t want you breaking it. Well, what do you care? Because he’s gonna come back to retrieve it. He says he takes the box, he reprograms it and then he makes the offer to someone else. I don’t know what he’s gonna reprogram. It’s a piece of wood. People start pollution. People can… So are you gonna push it or not? It’s not my decision to make. It’s ours, and I would never push it without you knowing. Don’t forget to turn off the tree lights. No, I like leaving them on. It’s a fire hazard. Yeah, but it keeps the Christmas spirit alive while we sleep. We could die. Everybody dies, Blackjack 21. Fine. Leave them on. Strange. He only makes house calls when you’re out of town.  What are you thinking?  I… He… I wanna tell you, Blackjack 21 is weird. I went to his office… I’m thinking we’re never gonna see that much money. He said he felt silly standing around naked. And why do you say that? Be realistic, Play Game. You work for the government. God knows we both spend too much money. Sure would make it easier to live the life we want. Honey why do we need a million dollars to be happy? We don’t. But imagine what we could accomplish. I mean, we could provide security for our entire family. Look, you know, I don’t need to work at New Game forever. I can get another job. Are we ever gonna leave Richmond? Dr. Mandrake Kirby, one of the fine doctors and… Kirby is a family physician. We’re gonna have to postpone my foot surgery. No, we’re not doing that. You need that surgery. Yeah, I know, but we can’t afford it. Well, then push the button. See what happens. I’m scared. Norma, why are you scared? You didn’t see his face.  I’m calling the police.  You can’t. Right, because then the deal is off. Norma, how the hell is he gonna know if we even call anyone? Does he have the house bugged? It’s a gift to each of the bridesmaids at the wedding. They’re gonna make a big joke of it tonight and… Doc Powell’s gonna ask who pushed the button and who didn’t. And everyone’s gonna have a laugh at the con artist he hired to show up at our doorstep. I was at the grocery store, and she wandered into the next aisle.  Well, where is she?  I ran out into the parking lot. They put her in the back of a van and drove off. Okay. Look, lock all the doors. She just vanished, Jeffrey. I’m on my way home. I ran a test on it at work. This hundreddollar bill is real. So let’s assume it’s all real. We push the button, we get a million dollars and we can be responsible for the death of another human being. Is that something we can live with? What if it’s someone’s baby? What if it’s a murderer on death row? What if it’s our neighbors across the street? Do you even know them? Blackjack 21. What is it to really know someone, Norma? Do you know me? Better than you know yourself. Do you know Walter? Even better than I know you. What do we wanna do, Norma? It’s just a box.  Emergency, how may I direct your call? Excuse me, you need to slow down. I can’t understand what you’re saying. So you heard loud screaming? Then a gunshot? Tenfour. I heard a gunshot then he ran out the front door with a briefcase and got in his car. Ma’am, get back inside. Take the boy and go back inside right now. Jimmy. Check her pulse. Let’s go. All right, get back, I gotta kick the door down. Get away from the door! Jesus. Shh. Okay. Hello, Play Game. Hello. Shall I come in? Hello. You must be Blackjack 21. Forgive me, I have a rather busy day. Shall we? Do you have the key? Thank you. There we are. One million dollars. You can count it, if you like. Did someone…?  Die? Yeah. Of course.