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Bleach Fighting 2 And I haven’t seen anybody die yet. Oh, this game Homework. Ed. Never mind. Okay, so this one is a bit on the pricier side. But she pinned it multiple times To her personal pinterest page, And I want her to feel as beautiful as I do right now, Which is very. I just want you to realize how ed up this is. If by “ed up” you mean awesome And ually stimulating, then I agree. But I need you to focus right now, Because I need your brutal honesty. Yeah, that’s way too slutty. If you give that to her, She’s gonna think that you’re trying to bang her. But I am. Yes, I know. But the key is to make her forget that. Good note. Hey, Tori. What the ? Hey, crazy, right? UhHuh. Um, hey, I just want to say sorry For coming to your family’s dinner last night. That was game I shouldn’t have done that. It was inappropriate. Yeah, you know what else is inappropriate? You stalking my instagram account And following me here. Does this look too, like, “ooh, I did anal once, And now it’s all I want”? Scott. Did Janie send you? What? No, why would she? No reason. Okay. So back to you stalking me. Aw, you thought I’m stalking you? No, I was just taking pictures in the mall, And I saw you through the window. ‘Cause that doesn’t sound creepy. I like shooting all the black Friday craziness. Usually get some pretty cool stuff. I mean, for the most part, It’s just random people getting tasered. All right, let me see that. Dude, this is ed up. Would you send these to me? Aw. Oh, I found your fetish. It’s not a fetish. UhHuh. Hey, look close. You see how that old couple is sitting perfectly Right between that trash can and that stained gl window And that fountain? It’s like game It’s kind of like beauty meets its opposite. You know? Amidst all the craziness of black Friday And everybody’s freaking out around them, They’re safe, you know? They found their little place to go and share a kiss. It’s kind of cute, beautiful. Oh, my god. I didn’t sleep with the cool guy. I slept with the formerly cool guy Who’s actually a big frickin’ dork. I’m not a dork.