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Thank you. By the way, I’m Yiga. I didn’t introduce myse f ear ier. Nice to meet you. I’m ina. Good night, ina. Good night. What’s wrong with the choir? It’s a drag, and the Russian is nuts. Assafi, the Russian isn’t nuts. She is. Even her husband eft her. He took the Immigration Benefits and ran off to America. Who did? The Russian’s husband. ‘Coz she’s nuts. He rea y ran off? Gershon, get me out of this choir. Enough, Assafi. You must take responsibi ity, your actions have consequences. You’re joining the choir. Period. But Gershon Radio No buts. You know Pessach from the bank, right? I met him today. His sister is marri to Trabe si. Who’s Trabe si? The Mercedes importer. You want an egg, honey? Yes. Pessach is getting us a meeting. You’re ta king about a NEW bus? Two. A tour company needs two at east. But I’ never get to tennis on time by bus. What’s the prob em? Someone has to take him to tennis from the choir. I can do it. Dad, stay out of this. Can you, with the cab? I’ work it out. Great. Your dad wi take you. Why doesn’t he sing? I don’t know. He won’t ta k to me. You and your wife shou d ta k to him. Dad, tennis. Sure, I’ ta k to him. OK, I have to Radio What’s this? It’s for you. For me? A disk by Joe Dassin. The performance in O ympia. Thanks, but I cannot accept gifts from parents. It’s not a gift. We , it is a gift, but a sma one. I’m divorced. You said “you and your wife.” Sima and I are divorced. I’m sorry. I didn’t know. It’s OK. It’s been years Radio You get us to it. ife doesn’t end Radio You’ see. What? I’m saying one gets us to it. You think I’m Radio You’re not? I thought so, because the kids ta k Radio And what do the kids say? Rubbish. What, for instance? That your husband ran away to America. What, he didn’t run away? No, he’s in Canada. And he didn’t run away. At east, I hope he didn’t. We p an to move there. He went ahead, for his Canadian icense exams. He is a doctor. A uro ogist. Coo. Yiga , you see your prob em as a handicap. Because it handicaps me. I can’t f y. But it’s a mistake.