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Bleach Training Time 3 Hmm, I ing hate you. Listen, this is my last chance. Janie is moving down to Florida at the end of the school year. Oh, my god. I know. No way. Yes. Oh, my god, that means you’re only gonna have Christmas break and spring break To not her. False, because I have to go Visit my stupid, dying grandparents In Arizona for Christmas. Boring. Then I’m hitting up Cancun with the pussy posse For spring break. I’m sorry, what the did you just say? Pussy posse? Oh, it’s my Cornell boys. Oh, that’s so cute. You know, if you ever use that nickname again, I’m gonna punch you in the . Okay, you’re being very aggressive. Just hear me out. This is my last shot Before she is out of my life forever. Okay, um, look, I’m gonna try really, really hard Not to be a dick here, Because I can tell you’re, like, Really sensitive and everything. She was not into you in high school. She’s not into you now. And she’s never gonna be into you. But I just game You know, I feel like it’s time we move on. Okay. Okay, yeah. Yeah, I guess you’re right. You’re right. , you, like game You handled that really well. Psych, no, I’m ing with you. She’s totally gonna sit on my face later, like game wow, that’s really not how that goes down at all, So it’s clear you’ve never done that. Yes, I have, I’ve eaten out, like, pussies. Or . I don’t know. I know it’s a prime number. God, please stop doing that. Did you spit? Yes. That’s disgusting. A little bit. Don’t spit. Where did the straw come from? My backpack. You have a ing backpack? Yes, I have a backpack. It’s an adventure. It’s like a hike. Ugh! This party is lame. I’ve only been roofied and fingered, like, twice tonight. I mean, what is this, a bar mitzvah? Let’s hit up that party on oak street. I heard ethyl’s gonna be there! Ew, is that your grandma? No offense, but last time I saw her, She pretended to trip and grabbed my cooch for balance. My dad is always tripping. No, you stupid ing dumb Ecuadorian ! Ethyl’s that new hybrid drug Everybody’s been blahblahing about. It’s molly mixed with old people medicine.