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Whatcha gonna do with that? Girl girl girl Whatcha gonna do with that? Take it take it yeah Take it take it drink up Funky funky give it up Get closer in the heat of the night And then fight fight  Mercy Oh mercy I wanna see you now girl I wanna see you now Yo where were you? I had to take care of some business. Did it have anything to do with Olivia? Yeah she needed my help. Look if we’re gonna win this I need you to stay focused. You know what your problem is? You’re always thinking about yourself. If you actually tried putting somebody else first for a change maybe you’d still have Maya. Hey if your guy’s not here in  minutes I have to put someone else in your spot. That’s fine. We’ll just go on later. – Let’s just do it. – If we go out there without Yuson we’re screwed. Bmx Master? It’s it’s Bmx Master. There’s something I have to tell you. Give it up for our third finalists The One! What what what Yeah Yeah I wanna go but I just can’t go I wanna know why I just can’t go I’ve been blowing to stop being cold I know you’re upset with me. But you can’t let your emotions get into the way of the routine. – T o be honest I feel absolutely nothing for you. And I like it that way. – I don’t believe you. – It doesn’t matter. ‘Cause this is the last time we’re gonna dance together. I’m starting my own crew. Yo Fusion. I need you guys in the wings in two minutes. We just waiting for one of our boys a’ight? If he’s not here by then you’ll have to forfeit. – What? – That’s the rules. He’ll be here. Hey yo. For all y’all hip hop fans that like to kick it with that European flavour this next crew is Europe’s finest and they’re also the world reignin’ hip hop champions! Make some noise for Flying Steps! Come on come on come on come on Come on come on Hey! – You okay? – Yeah man. How’d it go with Maya? It didn’t. Come on come on come on come on come on come on Come on Hey! Just leave it down there Just leave it down Come on Leave it down there Just leave it down there Everybody dance now Whoa oh Everybody dance dance dance dance dance dance Come on Bmx Master this is your moment. You gotta get your mind in the game.