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Control : Mouse

 NOTICE OF TRAFFIC Bomber at War How about that? I like it. Sure you do. It’s another crazy thing to make fun of our family about. You want to go in the other room and have a look at my grandmother’s inverted nipples? How about our bank statement? That’s a hoot. I think it’s a great picture. I mean, my family has all those portraits that you were talking about, you know, we’re all smiling, but somebody told us when to smile, so those smiles are fake. All these smiles are real. You captured a moment of actual family joy, and that’s kind of rare. I think you finally got your picture. I like her, Play Game. Smart, insightful. I told you we had a lot in common. You’re staying for dinner. We’ve having TV dinners! If you’re a vegetarian, I’m pretty sure you can talk Games into trading you his vegetable section for your Salisbury steak section. She hit ignore. Bomber at War?  She hit ignore. Her boyfriend just called, and she hit ignore.